Award-winning green start-up Ecoterra raises $3.5 million, investors rush ahead of 10% price increase

Award-winning green start-up Ecoterra raises $3.5 million, investors rush ahead of 10% price increase

by Eden Merion
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La start-up green récompensée Ecoterra réalise une levée de fonds de 3,5 Millions de dollars, les investisseurs se précipitent avant une augmentation du prix de 10%

Award-winning green start-up Ecoterra raises $3.5 million, investors rush ahead of 10% price increase

The pre-sale of award-winning eco-startup Ecoterra continues to soar, with sales of its native $ECOTERRA token have exceeded $3.5 million. Investors are rushing for a 10% token price increase.

Ecoterra is building a all-in-one web3 ecosystem powered by the $ECOTERRA token, designed to encourage recycling via a unique “recycling to earn” (R2E) system, to facilitate the market for trading recycled materials and encourage individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

At the Istanbul Blockchain Summit which took place this week, Ecoterra won an award for its contribution to a sustainable crypto ecosystem.

Ecoterra was a significant sponsor of the event, which featured world-renowned personalities such as the CEO of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor.

With the presale of Ecoterra exceeding $3 million seven days agothe pro-environment start-up is raising funds to the tune of $500,000 a week.

Investors therefore have no time to waste buying the $ECOTERRA token before an increase in the token price of 10%which will take place when the presale reaches $3.925 million, which will be its number 7 presale milestone.

When the next milestone is reached, it is expected that the price of the $ECOTERRA token will be increased by 10%, from its current price of $0.00775 to $0.0085.

Later in the year, the $ECOTERRA token will then be listed on major exchanges at a rate of $0.01. This means that investors buying now can expect a return on investment of approximately 30%.

Visit the Ecoterra website here

How high can the $ECOTERRA token go?

The 30% gain that current investors can secure today pales in comparison to the future listing of the $ECOTERRA token and the long-term potential that environmental crypto can provide.

When used correctly, blockchain technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to promote positive environmental behaviors, thanks to the setting up recycling rewardsthus making easier to reduce carbon emissions as well as environmental impact traceability thanks to the transparency offered by the blockchain.

And Ecoterra’s all-in-one app does all three and more.

Users can use the platform to earn native $ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle.

The platform offers a carbon offset marketplace to make it easier for individuals or businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

Ecoterra also presents a marketplace of recycled materials to make it easier for businesses to purchase recycled goods, using the $ECOTERRA token or other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, thanks to the transparency made possible by blockchain technology, Ecoterra allows individuals and companies to chart their positive environmental practices via an Impact Trackable Profile

Observers predict that this feature will become extremely popular among green companies, who will be able to use the Impact Trackable Profile to boost their brand image as well as their customer loyalty.

Emerging web3 green projects like Ecoterra are set to play an increasingly important role in global climate change efforts, and more specifically in the coming decades as crypto adoption expands.

It is therefore not for nothing that popular crypto pre-sale analysts Jacob Crypto Bury and Crypto Moonlight see great potential for the $ECOTERRA token and its ecosystem.

Ecoterra aims to motivate the general public to recycle, according to its CEO

“As the disastrous effects of global warming become more and more present, companies and individuals are becoming more and more committed in their efforts to protect the environment…and recycling is one of the key components of these efforts” explains the CEO of Ecoterra Mihai Ciutureanu.

“However, a majority of individuals lack the knowledge or the will to recycle properly,” he continued.

“Ecoterra not only aims to educate the general public on the necessities of recycling, but also to motivate the general public by offering them a financial reward through our unique Recycle-to-earn (R2E) system”

“And Ecoterra’s objectives don’t stop there,” adds the CEO. “Ecoterra is developing a marketplace dedicated to recycled materials, connecting recycling companies with buyers of recycled materials, promoting a circular product life cycle.”

“Ecoterra is also developing a separate marketplace, where individuals and businesses can buy blockchain-verified carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. They will also be able to trace all their positive environmental actions within the Ecoterra platform via their Impact Profile. »

Learn more here

Upcoming major listings for $ECOTERRA?

Ecoterra’s high-profile appearance at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit provided the team with an opportunity to talk about the project, while promoting the usefulness of its native $ECOTERRA token.

The fact that the company Ecoterra was able to obtain an award during this event suggests that the message of the ecological start-up has gone well.

But the Istanbul Blockchain Summit provided the team with another golden opportunity: to be able to trade with all major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges thus suggesting potential partnerships around the launch of the $ECOTERRA token.

OKX, MEXC Global and KuCoin are among the main cryptocurrency exchanges present at this event.

According to the Ecoterra whitepaper, the token $ECOTERRA will be listed on major crypto exchanges in Q3 2023before the release of the beta versions of the Recycle2Earn marketplace and the marketplace dedicated to recycled materials, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Now that Ecoterra is past halfway through its token pre-sale – the project plans to raise a maximum of $6.7 million through the sale of $ECOTERRA tokens– investors should rush to secure the price of their tokens at the current price, before a 10% increase.

Ecoterra is offering 50% of its total available quantity of 2 billion $ECOTERRA tokens to the public via a presale, 20% is reserved for listings and marketing, 20% for ecosystem liquidity, 5% will be distributed to team members and 5% to corporate contributors.

Team tokens will be totally blocked for a period of one year then released monthly for the next three years, demonstrating the team’s determination and confidence in the project.

The Ecoterra project is 100% secure and verified, audited by the security company CertiK and the team had to pass all CertiK KYC procedures.

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This article does not represent investment advice in any way. The information provided here should not be used as the basis for making financial decisions. Investing in cryptocurrency involves risk and can lead to significant losses. You should only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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