Geopolitics – Tunisia: a taken change?

Geopolitics – Tunisia: a taken change?

by Connor Gurney
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Geopolitics - Tunisia: a confiscated revolution?

Tunisia was, for one decade, an exemption, the only nation to have actually established a freedom following the Arab Spring, after having actually ousted its dictatorial head of state Ben Ali in January 2011. A vulnerable freedom, perfectible yet a freedom. Until the thunderclap of July 25, 2021: the head of state chosen 2 years previously, Kaïs Saïed determines to arrogate all the powers to himself, he claims, to conserve the state. He rejects the Prime Minister, liquifies the National Assembly as well as puts on hold the Constitution.

The resistance knocks an institutional successful stroke. Western chancelleries are self-conscious. A brand-new Constitution will certainly be taken on by vote, it commits a very presidency.

In February 2023, Kaïs Saïed strained below-Saharan travelers with all wickedness as well as required immediate procedures to deport them. He implicates them of outlining to change the demographics of mostly Arab as well as Muslim Tunisia. This time, global strictures are drizzling down.

On April 17, 2023, the Tunisian head of state once again triggered awe: he detained the leader of the resistance Ennahda celebration, Rached Ghannouchi, 81, charged of outlining versus state safety and security. Rached Ghannouchi that signs up with around twenty political numbers as well as characters sent to prison because February 2023 for different factors.

How much will Kaïs Saïed’s tyrannical drift go? What stays of the wish for freedom birthed in 2011? Has the Tunisian Revolution been taken?

Guests :

Vincent Geisser, sociologist, scientist at CNRS as well as IREMAM. Co-routed with Amin Allal “ Tunisia, a freedom most of all uncertainty? », released by CNRS versions as well as Tunisian versions Nirvana in 2018

Kmar Bendana, chronicler at the University of Manouba in Tunis

Hatem Nafti, author, participant of the Tunisian Observatory of Populism as well as writer of ” Tunisia: in the direction of a tyrannical populism? » released by Riveneuve as well as Tunisian versions Nirvana in 2022.

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