Pepe’s price soars 33%: AiDoge and $SPONGE are the next memes to blow up?

Pepe’s price soars 33%: AiDoge and $SPONGE are the next memes to blow up?

by Eden Merion
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Le prix de Pepe flambe de 33% :  AiDoge et $SPONGE sont les prochains mèmes qui vont exploser ?

THE Pepe coin price jumps 33% to $0.000001644as the weekend market turns into the green, especially when it comes to meme coins, like $SPONGE and which are also climbing.

Pepe, which is less than a month old, has already achieved a return of 2,777% for its first investors.

The delinquent Bitcoin price has impacted market sentiment and price action over the past couple of days. But anyone who takes a step back from the short-term can see that the major crypto is still up 61% and above its all-important 200-day moving average.

Memes coins are of course much more erratic than Bitcoin due to the speculative price action surrounding the sector, so technical analysis can be much less important than market momentum and sentiment.

Elon Musk gives Pepe’s price a boost

As for the dynamics, Pepe reached a market cap briefly above $1 billion : a remarkable performance for such a young play.

And, there is no greater influence on the dynamics of a room even thanElon Muskand he tweeted this, a few hours ago:

With Elon Musk backing them, the meme plays are far from being out of breath as some had predicted.

Pieces such as Pepe, or the even more recent and perhaps more promising meme piece $SPONGE, Wojak and even Milady Coinall seem to have the breath to run very long and very fast.

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Can Pepe’s price really go up to $1?

THE Pepe’s price prediction sees the coin rising as high as $1which would be equivalent to 60,827,150%, or a 60 million percent increase from the current price.

It might sound weird, but just a fraction of that yield could already produce life-changing yields.

Regardless of what the future holds, those who bought lower yesterday are sitting on substantial gains, underscoring Warren Buffett’s maxim of buying when others are scared.

But, before Pepe had such a progression, she was in relative slump. It wasn’t until its existence began to become more widely known that it took off, with the momentum fueling market interest in creating a real powerhouse.

Over the past two days, that sentiment has threatened to reverse. : speculative money can leave as quickly as it arrives.

Pepe Price Down 37% Over 7 Days: Try $SPONGE Instead?

Pepe at one point was down over 50% and over a period of 7 days, the drop is 37%.

Now those in the market or looking for an entry point will be wondering: can the Pepe coin resume its dizzying rise?

To some degree, coins can take on a life of their own and to use the lingo, they can decouple from the rest of the crypto market to a point.

Although speculative flows can cause substantial price fluctuations, in the case of Pepe, his market value Sharpe ratio of 1.37 is extremely good for a stock and even more so for a crypto. The Sharpe ratio measures risk-adjusted excess returns in terms of the standard deviation of volatility.

Taking Pepe as an indicator of a new wave of tier 2 coins (with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu being the top tier) the average dollar cost in the market might now be a smart buy decision to invest.

Good investors should seriously consider entering the $SPONGE market and lean on the presale market for promising prospects: for example, ($AI) is very attractive at this point.

$SPONGE is the meme coin that could top them all: up 41% in 12 hours

So we come to the very popular $SPONGE coin. It is a piece that pays homage to the world-famous cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePantsalthough the project, as far as we can glean from the website, has no association with Nickelodeon.

If you’re looking for the next Pepe, this might just be your piece.

$SPONGE is barely a week old and in its short history has almost reached a market cap of $100 millionmultiplying its value by 7 in 5 days.

Today, $SPONGE grew by 41%rising from a short-term low of $0.000470 yesterday to $0.000665.

There’s a lot to like about $SPONGE. Along with its global reach, rumored support from veterans of the crypto universe, the global reach of its meme, its incredible achievement of having eight exchange listings already, shows that it is, indeed, a very serious project.

$SPONGE listed on Bitget and exchanges yesterday:

Again, $SPONGE is only a week old, so buyers coming in now are at the start of what could be a gigantic bull run.

Basically, unlike Pepe and other meme pieces, $SPONGE (check out the website) can be said to have its roots in Web2, and because of that, has much greater brand recognition than its competitors.

The growth of the $SPONGE community is also spectacular: its Twitter account at @spongeoneth has already attracted 40,000 subscribers in one week.

So the future looks bright for $SPONGE.

AiDoge Raises $1 Million A Day: Don’t Miss This Rocket ($AI) builds a meme generator using artificial intelligence image generation. There is nothing else on the market that comes close to this project and its pre-sale is underway.

This innovative cryptocurrency fundraising at a phenomenal rate of approximately $1 million every 24 hourswith his pot now standing at $6.5 million.

The next AiDoge ($AI) price increase in the presale process will drop it from $0.0000296 to $0.00003.

The next stage milestone will likely occur later today, as only $300,000 remains to be raised before the current stage ends.

There is no time to lose to take advantage of the lowest prices of a coin that combines the virality of the meme coin niche with the global popularity of AI technology.

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