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World News · 18 Mar 2023 22:19 WIB

PSUV will certainly reinforce ideological training in the state of Sucre – Latest News

 PSUV will certainly reinforce ideological training in the state of Sucre – Latest News Perbesar

The metropolitan and also state base frameworks of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the state Sucre, will certainly be released in the 15 territories of the eastern entity, to advertise ideological development in each of the areas.

The details was launched by the state intermediary of the red outdoor tents, Jesús Faría, throughout an interview held at the head office of your of society of the district of Bolívar (Marigüitar), where he ensured that the implementation has as its essential function to combine the unity and also company of the celebration as a crucial basis to reinforce the advanced procedure in the nation.

“In the state of Sucre we will continue to fulfill the tasks emanating from the Bolivarian Government. We have to defend the homeland and give continuity to the Bolivarian Revolution,” Faria said.

Psuv at the forefront with the 7 strategic lines

In this context, the also deputy to the National Assembly (AN) explained that in addition, they will build a agenda aimed at the social, political, economic and productive transformation of the geography of Sucre.

“The PSUV will be at the forefront of the 7 lines of work for the year 2023 dictated by President Nicolás Maduro, in order to boost production, the protection of the people and the economy of the region,” Faria emphasized.

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He stressed that in each of the municipalities that make up the entity, political teams have been formed with “great” political capacities, which will guarantee the unity of the leadership and will assume responsibly the challenges and tasks assigned from the national direction of the PSUV.

“We have teams with high ethics and morals, which is an essential feature that should characterize the revolutionary leader and that will allow them to fulfill the tasks assigned to combat all the adversities that come our way,” he stressed.

The US opened the doors to imperial aggressions against Venezuela

In this regard, the state liaison of the PSUV assured that the US by proclaiming the South American nation as a threat to national security, opened the doors to sanctions and unilateral aggressions against Venezuela that have attacked the economic and social sovereignty of the population, which is why he affirmed that they will remain on a fighting footing to defend the stability and tranquility of the people.

He stressed that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela has become the most important tool of the Bolivarian Revolution that will allow them to advance in the construction of the socialist homeland.

He reiterated that the machinery of the political organization, so far, has been able to mitigate the consequences of the coercive sanctions applied against the country and have guaranteed together with the National Executive the welfare state of the collectivity.

For his part, Governor Gilberto Pinto emphasized that the revolutionary militancy of the party is called to take the participatory and leading role in the 1×10 system of Good Government, as part of the party-government integration.

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He assured that from the political organization they will continue to be at the forefront in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution as an essential way to guarantee the protection, tranquility and happiness of the population.

“We are going to the battlefield, we are going to prepare ourselves to continue strengthening the method of inclusion in order to ensure the permanence of the revolutionary process in favor of the defense of the sovereignty and happiness of the people,” said the regional president.

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