As we all know, the financial classification is very large, and the scope of Internet finance is also very wide. So today the editor will take stock of the most common types of Internet financial companies and the domain name types preferred by these terminals!
1. Payment category
Commonly used domain name keywords: pay
As there are more and more e-commerce companies, payment platforms are developing rapidly, including some large companies that have established their own payment platforms, such as Alipay, Tenpay, or some independent third-party payments. Today we will first Let’s take a look at the names and domain names that these companies like to use:
The domain name keywords preferred by payment financial terminals seem to be relatively uniform. Most of the main domain names contain pay, such as toppay, yeepay, including some secondary domain names

2. Online loan p2p category
Commonly used domain name keywords.
For this type of Internet financial companies, the most commonly used domain name types are the combination of double spelling, triple spelling and letters + dai, and a few use four spelling domain names such as .
Loans should not be taken carelessly. Most companies are very protective and use the same domain name as the main domain name. Loans need to be easy, convenient and timely, and domain names should naturally highlight this.
3. Crowdfunding
① Crowdfunding domain names
Crowdfunding is divided into many types such as bonds, equity, returns, public welfare, etc. Generally, the larger platform crowdfunding websites will use as the main domain name, and the game crowdfunding websites Modian, Putuojiang, Jiajiazhong, and Huichou We all use double and triple pin as the main domain name;
②Financing domain names
On the contrary, financing websites rarely use three pinyin letters, such as financing network rongzicn, 11186, investment and financing circles trjcn, etc., and the domain names that use more pinyin letters are combinations.
4. Financial management
Most Internet financial management websites use the word.
Financial management websites such as: itouzi, Nilicai, 86722 Financial, etc.;
Judging from the domain name situation, domestic financial management websites are more focused on three- and four-pin domain names, and Geely’s alphanumeric domain names are mostly used.
There are many Internet financial models, platforms with different focuses, and preferred domain names. But when it comes to choosing a domain name, there are nothing more than the following points:
①Simple and easy to remember
②It means good luck
③The theme is clear