$SPONGE meme surges 67% following listings on Bitget and Gate.io

$SPONGE meme surges 67% following listings on Bitget and Gate.io

by Eden Merion
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Smash Hit Meme Coin $SPONGE Memompa 67% Lebih Tinggi di Daftar Bitget dan Gate.io

Source / $SPONGE

Thursday May 11, 2023 – The hugely popular meme cryptocurrency $SPONGE was listed on Bitget and Gate.io today, Friday, May 12, at 10:00 UTC.

$SPONGE, created only a week ago, will now be available for trading on eight platformswhich far exceeds all other cryptocurrencies even.

Despite the weakness in the bitcoin market which was down 4% this morning, $SPONGE is showing admirable resilience, even reaching an increase of 67% during the last CEX launch as buyers rushed.

CoinMarketCap states that $SPONGE is the seventh most big winner of the last 24 hoursbeating cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, both of which lost more than 2%.

Pepe drops 51% but $SPONGE continues to climb – Trend No.1 on Dextools

Pepe, who $SPONGE is aiming to top, is in the red today alongside his even larger cryptocurrency peers. Pepe suffers as investors turn to new cryptocurrency launches meme looking for the best alpha opportunities.

The frog coin is down 31% and looks increasingly caught in a downward spiral.

The key to strong price support for $SPONGE at the end of its first trading week lies in theinflux of new buyers that it continues to attract, the vast majority of them continuing to hold the cryptocurrency, although some have sold part of their portfolio to recover their initial investment.

$SPONGE is here to stay.

The cryptocurrency meme with global reach continues to be among the most popular tokens on Dextools, where it currently is in first placewith bitcoin in second place.

DEXTools / Hot Pairs

There are now 11,780 token holders and with the addition of two more centralized exchanges today, whose number of holders is not transparent, we can certainly more than double this overall figure.

Both Bitget and Gate.io feature among the best exchanges in the world. Gate.io is ranked ninth and bitget thirteenth on CoinMarketCap. They both have 24-hour trading volumes well over $800 million.

Additionally, Bitget and Gate.io have a combined weekly visitor count of 5.2 million, which is a significant increase in awareness for $SPONGE.

Cryptocurrency news site CoinGecko claims that Bitget has the seventh highest number of visitors of any exchange.

Deposits on Bitget start today at 10:00 UTC and the start event for $SPONGE starts at 19:00 UTC on Gate.

$SPONGE price increases 781% this week and 67% so far

$SPONGE trading volumes increase dramatically, increasing by 182% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume on centralized and decentralized exchanges is over $31 million.

Meanwhile, while it’s still early days for the new $SPONGE cryptocurrency, it has increased by 781% in seven daysaccording to CoinMarketCap, and 51% today.

The current price of $SPONGE is $0.0007751, an increase of 67%.

TradingView / SPONGEUSD

Bulls (bulls) are charging headfirst, aided by perceived carnage elsewhere in the cryptocurrency market, towards former meme favorite tokens of the past 48 hours.

For example, the Milady Meme Coin is down more than 51% at the time of writing this article.

The current alignment of events can be considered fortuitous for $SPONGE, as it helps to highlighting even more outstanding performance achieved now and its future potential.

The informal $SPONGE team probably doesn’t want to bring down other projects and tokens, but it’s worth noting that it’s in days like this, with a more than bloody global market, that the “diamond hands” (diamond hands, those holding on to their cryptos despite a falling market) glisten in the dust.

$SPONGE has powerful relationships to contribute to its success

However, it is not just a matter of luck. Tokens create their own luck, you might say. In other words, as noted earlier, the strength of the various elements that have come together to move the coin forward shows their value.

A leading marketing companydigital asset-focused venture capitalists, and experienced, nimble engineers who quickly brought $SPONGE to market flawlessly and rolled out its social media channels all worked in unison to help $SPONGE achieve its mission of become the No.1 community token in the world.

The industry connections that allowed $SPONGE to be listed on eight exchanges in no time contrast with the Pepe token, which took three weeks to get its first listing on a CEX.

It should be noted that Coinbase’s reversal of a possible Pepe listing is likely indicative of the lack of trusting business relationships between the parties and/or their third-party intermediaries. $SPONGE could be much better off in these negotiations.

$SPONGE is creating the world’s 1st community meme

Overall, $SPONGE token holders are in good hands, and the proof is in its widespread adoption.

$SPONGE now has close to 40,000 followers on Twitter and more than 20,000 on Telegram. The Discord server is also an enthusiastic space with hundreds of people online at any given time.

At last count, there were 3,139 people on Discordwhich is also the place to be if you want to sign up to be eligible for the $SPONGE airdrop – see more details below.

This is the kind of organic growth that many projects and companies would dream of having. It won’t be long before these numbers are doubled as community engagement grows, fueling a faster growth.

Listed on MEXC, $SPONGE is up 279% – more listings to come

In addition to Bitget and Gate.io, other exchanges listing $SPONGE are MEXC Global, Poloniex, LBank, CoinW, Toobit, BTCEX.

It is very likely that other major exchanges are closely monitoring the evolution of $SPONGE as they look for projects with very active and engaged trading communities to boost their revenue.

The key to having a shot at making CEX listings is growing trading volume, and today $SPONGE demonstrates just that. expect to see soon more reputable exchanges listing $SPONGE.

MEXC, where $SPONGE began trading yesterday, reported 279% to its investors.


$SPONGE makes a splash

The best performing token on the market at the moment is being emulated, especially among Twitter influencers and the New York jet-setter.

Turns out Elon Musk even has tweeted about SpongeBob SquarePants on Twitter a while ago. We hope that his past love of memes and fondness for SpongeBob will influence $SPONGE.

New York Magazine, which gives $SPONGE a huge nod, also contributes to its fame in good circles.

And $SPONGE expands its reach by forming partnerships with other tokens.

Love Hate Inu, which just completed a $10 million pre-sale and will soon be listed on major exchanges, has joined the $SPONGE airdrop efforts.

Source / SPONGE

Join the Discord and sign up for the $SPONGE airdrop

If you are a $SPONGE holder, you are eligible to join the airdrop.

All you have to do is click the link on the Discord airdrop signup page, then share your Discord, Twitter, email, and wallet addresses.

Once these four addresses are connected, you are eligible for the airdrop.

Airdrop tokens will be awarded based on three criteria:

  1. Engagement on Discord – you must achieve “highly engaged” status.
  2. The amount of $SPONGE purchased
  3. The amount of $SPONGE traded on Uniswap (volume made on CEX cannot be seen by $SPONGE systems and are therefore not taken into account)

Scores will reset weekly.

The In-Sight.io (snapshot) for eligibility has not yet been announced, which means that there is no time to lose to become a $SPONGE holder and be eligible for the airdrop.

From 10:00 UTC, you can buy $SPONGE on seven centralized exchanges. Buyers can also buy on the Uniswap decentralized exchange directly through the $SPONGE website at sponge.vip.

Buy $SPONGE here

This article does not represent investment advice in any way. The information provided here should not be used as the basis for making financial decisions. Investing in cryptocurrency involves risk and can lead to significant losses. You should only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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