The web3 game Tamadoge is teaming up with the viral meme $SPONGE, an upcoming mobile app.

The web3 game Tamadoge is teaming up with the viral meme $SPONGE, an upcoming mobile app.

by Eden Merion
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Le jeu web3 Tamadoge s’associe avec le meme viral $SPONGE, une application mobile à venir.

Web3 game Tamadoge partners with viral memecoin $SPONGE. A mobile application is under development.

The sensational game tamadoge has just entered into a partnership with the very recent but already viral memecoin $SPONGE.

The Tamadoge community will have access to the exclusive $SPONGE token airdrop, which just listed on the Bitget cryptocurrency exchange.

The $SPONGE token has been in the spotlight since its massive rise, multiplying the return on investment by 70 since the beginning of the month, while being listed on major centralized exchanges.

Tamadoge is a recently released Shiba Inu meme-themed web3 game in which players will be able to mint and raise their own Tamadoge pet, issued as a non-fungible token (NFT). They will be able to compete in a wide variety of addictive arcade games in a retro style, based on the play-to-earn (P2E) modelwithin the Tamadoge Arcade.

This new collaboration with Tamadoge should help increase the exposure of the web3 gaming ecosystem to a new audience of gamers and investors.

Tamadoge facilitates access to its game via its own mobile application

Meanwhile, Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop announced on a Twitter chat space on Tuesday that efforts continue to be made to complete the launch of the Tamadoge mobile application.

Despite its young age, Tamadoge already attracts more monthly active users than those of well-established web3 metaverses Decentraland and The Sandbox combined.

Over the past 30 days, Decentraland and The Sandbox only interacted with 2,770 and 6,240 active wallets respectively, while the Tamadoge’s monthly active user count is over 35,000.

The upcoming launch of Tamadoge’s mobile app will greatly increase adoption of its platform by providing a much easier way to access the web3 gaming ecosystem.

And the mobile app launch will only happen after Tamadoge recently lifted barriers to entry for non-crypo-friendly players, thanks to the implementation of a partnership with Web3Auth.

Indeed, thanks to Web3Auth, new players just have to send an email addressl to register and play Tamadoge Arcade games.

Setting up and setting up a crypto wallet can be complex and intimidating for those who don’t understand crypto, web3 and blockchain, which then constitutes a barrier to its adoption.

By allowing players to skip this step and have the ability to play directly, Tamadoge will attract a much larger player base.

Commenting on the partnership with Web3Auth, Tamadoge CEO Jon Bishop remarked that the project was “leading the way in bringing web3 gaming to a mass audience”.

Visit Tamadoge here

An ambitious roadmap, the prospects for $TAMA are promising

$TAMA, the token that powers Tamadoge’s web3 gaming ecosystem, shows a slight loss over the past few weeks after seeing its price explode upwards (x4) in mid-April, following its listing on several top third-party exchanges, including ByBit.

TAMA/USDT was recently trading around $0.0165, down nearly 60% since its high point of the month of April, and up nearly 90% since its post-listing ATH at $0.20.

There is always a high probability that a listing on a top exchange will increase the price of $TAMA in the near future. The Tamadoge team told the community to “stand by for exciting news” on this.

While current trading conditions remain average, price outlook for $TAMA looks promisingespecially with the recent release of the Tamadoge roadmap.

The more major exchanges list the token, the more the impact will be considerable in terms of marketing and promotionall free of charge, and facilitating investment opportunities for a wider audience of new buyers.

Meanwhile, the Tamadoge team continues to improve its ecosystem and releases “Tama Island”. For example, there is now five Tamadoge game arcades in which users can compete using their NFT Tamadoge and so earn $TAMA rewards.

And the highly anticipated mobile app is about to be released, bringing these games to smartphones.

Members of the Tamadoge community are also waiting the imminent release of the “Pet Store” of Tamadoge, where care and hygiene items can be purchased for Tamadoge pets.

Capital for $TAMA token owners, the Pet Store includes a deflationary tokenomicthanks to a burn system. The equivalent of 10% of purchases will be destroyedthus increasing the scarcity effect of $TAMA, which should boost its price upwards over the long term.

How far can $TAMA go?

The total market capitalization of Tamadoge is currently around $33 million, representing just 0.0033% of Dogecoin’s market capitalization which is $9.9 billion.

But many observers believe that the $TAMA has much more utility thanks to the fact, unlike the Dogecoin, that it is used to operate an entire ecosystem of web3 gaming, which is growing rapidly.

Let’s say Tamadoge is able to capture just 5% of Dogecoin’s current market capitalization of $9.9 billion.

This would involve a total market capitalization for Tamadoge of $500 millionor a $0.5 token price (based on the current quantity of 1 billion tokens).

It’s more than 30x its current price.

However, other observers believe that Tamadoge could capture much more than just 5% of Dogecoin market capitalizationthanks to a massive Total Addressable Market (TAM): that of the web3 gaming ecosystem.

As discussed by the Tamadoge team in a recent blog post, the Tamadoge gaming arcade can appeal to a wide audience of potential gamers, including crypto fans, gamers, NFT enthusiasts, with a mobile gaming market estimated at over 2.32 billion users by 2027 (Statista).

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This article does not represent investment advice in any way. The information provided here should not be used as the basis for making financial decisions. Investing in cryptocurrency involves risk and can lead to significant losses. Only invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research before making any investment decisions

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