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What is a domain name

Domain name composition:

Take a common domain name as an example ( This URL is composed of two parts. The label "cioers" is the main body of the domain name, and the last label "com" is the suffix of the domain name, which represents This is a com international domain name, a top-level domain name. The www. in front is the network name.

According to regulations, the labels in domain names are composed of English letters and numbers. Each label does not exceed 63 characters, and does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters. No other punctuation marks can be used in labels except hyphens (-). A complete domain name composed of multiple labels must not exceed 255 characters in total. In recent years, some countries have also developed and used domain names composed of their own national languages, such as German, French, etc. 

In layman's terms, the domain name we purchased is the main domain name As for the previous www., it can be customized. You can use as the domain name of your site, or you can use as your domain name. The domain name of the site. Of course, you can also use as the domain name of your site.

Theoretically, as long as you own the first-level domain name, you can customize unlimited second-level domain names in the format of However, due to the limited resources of the domain name operator’s DNS resolution server, it will not allow you to customize unlimited times. To add second-level domain names, domestic domain name registrars generally allow you to customize 10-20 second-level domain names.

Basic domain name types

One is the international domain name, also called the international top-level domain name. This is also the earliest and most widely used domain name. For example, .com represents an industrial and commercial enterprise, .net represents a network provider, .org represents a non-profit organization, etc.

The second is domestic domain names, also known as domestic top-level domain names, which are assigned different suffixes according to different countries. These domain names are the domestic top-level domain names of that country. At present, more than 200 countries and regions have allocated top-level domain names according to country codes, such as cn for China, us for the United States, jp for Japan, etc. In terms of actual use and functionality, there is no difference between international domain names and domestic domain names. However, in terms of the final management organization, international domain names are registered and managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) authorized by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Domain names we usually use:

1. .com .net .org: These three are international top-level domain names, and their levels are the same. However, the most common domain name we see is .com domain name. However, due to the shortage of .com domain name resources, basically you can think of The domain names have already been registered, so you still need to put a lot of thought into registering a satisfactory .com domain name. As individual webmasters, we also recommend that you register a .com domain name.

2. .cn: This is China’s national domain name, but since individual registration is currently not allowed, registration is not recommended.

3. .de .me .tk .co .fm, etc.: These are also national domain names. Most personal blog owners like to use this type of domain name because they are rich in resources and can easily register a short and favorite domain name. Domain name, but because its price is high and it is controlled by the relevant country, you need to choose carefully when registering


How to choose a good domain name?

The domain name is the eye of the website. Choosing a good domain name can not only highlight the style and connotation of the website, but a simple and easy-to-remember domain name can also allow visitors to quickly remember your website and increase the possibility of return visits.

When choosing a domain name, you need to pay attention to the following principles:

1. Meaningful

Meaningful is actually sometimes more practical than short. Take cioers as an example, if there is a domain name of and another is Which one will you choose? The front is short, but it has no meaning. Currently, most three- and four-digit domain names are used for navigation sites, because they are difficult to use for professional websites.


The first choice is .com because of its high popularity, followed by .cn or, even the government's gov is no exception. Only professionals and search engines may like it. If there is really no suitable one, consider other domain names.

3. Targeted

The first role of positioning the website is here. If you know your user base, it will be very helpful for you to register a domain name. If your website is a local county-level website, you must choose .com The domain name should be the simplified pinyin of your region, because local users have low awareness of the Internet, and online scammers are currently rampant. If you register a domain name with the suffix .fm, many people may doubt your website. Is it justified? In addition, local stations must not use English. I am afraid everyone knows this. If your user base is college students, then an English domain name is also good.

4. Short (Mom said the domain name must be long). Although this is a very funny and fun domain name, it is just fun. I am afraid no one will visit it a second time.


How to buy a domain name?

There are paid domain names and free domain names. Of course, the cheaper ones cost only a few dozen yuan a year.

Space: There are free and paid ones. Free space is generally required to use their top-level domain name, and generally does not support the resolution of other top-level domain names. The charges vary according to the space size, bandwidth, supported server programming languages and databases, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand to tens of thousands.

Foreign hosts and Hong Kong hosts are exempt from registration, while domestic hosts require registration. Moreover, .cn domain names also need to be registered before they can be used. Of course, the price is also more favorable for domain names and space. It is recommended to choose a stable one, Bosi Cloud is good.

In addition, it also depends on your user base. If you are abroad, you can choose .com domain name + overseas host; if you are domestic, you can choose .com + Hong Kong host, or .cn + domestic host.

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